Tollerton, North Yorkshire

Tollerton in North Yorkshire

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Coronavirus Support Group

We are a group of villagers who want to help those affected by coronavirus or by the need to self-isolate to protect their health.

If you need help please phone us on

07831 306795 or 07786 915598


Food shopping, prescriptions from surgery or elsewhere, posting letters, help linking to charitable services.

We are here to help - even if it's only to chat.

Suggested areas we can help with

  • collecting and delivering shopping – leaving deliveries on the doorstep or safe place to avoid close physical contact;
  • suggesting local shopping options and trusted suppliers;
  • collecting and delivering prescriptions if you are the nominated person registered with the GP;
  • caring for pets;
  • regular social contact via telephone, FaceTime, skype calls or other methods that will avoid physical contact (offering to call your neighbour who can’t get out so they have someone to chat to on the phone could make all the difference);
  • encouraging people to contact others in the same situation by linking people together;
  • delivering books and magazines or materials to support hobbies such as wool for knitting or art materials;
  • reassuring people with accurate and up to date advice and information; and
  • signposting people to other sources of help if needed.


Background to the support group

A group of villagers which includes the Church, the Doctors’ Surgery, the Parish Council and Tollerton Action Group have met to discuss how best to support any villagers who might be affected by the Coronavirus. We are fortunate in that the group does include medical experts in Public Health and planning for major outbreaks of diseases.

This initial briefing is simply to let you know that we are putting together our own local response to the potential challenges that will face all of us over the coming months. We want you to know that we, your neighbours, will be here to help. We are also sure that there will be lots of members of the community willing to pull together and help those who face difficulty.

We will keep you informed of developments and plans as they are developed. Be reassured that in the current times neighbour to neighbour support id encouraged and our work is not intended to remove this but complement with added support. 

In the meantime, if you would like to support this initiative then please email us via and please provide your email and mobile number if possible.

Please be reassured your details will be stored securely, will not be shared with other organisations and will be deleted when this crisis is over. It would be really helpful if as many villagers as possible sign up to the Nextdoor website follow this link which will allow is to quickly keep you up to date. It is available as an App for your tablet and phone and this gives you a beep when there are new messages on the site.