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Guidance for volunteers


Thank you all so much for volunteering to help those who have sought support during this difficult time. Those you are supporting, with their agreement, will be self-isolating for a number of reasons.

This guidance is to ensure, so far as we can, your health and safety and those you will come across in your personal lives. If you follow these simple steps you will minimise your risks.

This guidance is generic, and we will be issuing you with specific guidance in relation to picking up prescriptions and shopping in the next few days. If you have any concerns about anything or anyone when volunteering please contact the steering group via the Nextdoor App or your contact member. We are here to support you and will help if we can.


  1. Ensure that the individual wants your help – we cannot force people to accept help
  2. If you have concerns about a health condition or a matter of the person’s risk or safety use standard contact numbers we always use – the Surgery / 999 / 111
  3. Social distancing is the main method of preventing spread of this virus so always keep a minimum of 2 metres or 6 feet between yourself and the person you are helping
  4. Conversations through closed windows with close proximity are safe
  5. Open windows should have a 6-foot distance between you and the person
  6. When you are delivering food or prescriptions leave them outside their door or an agreed place and make them aware you have left them
  7. When picking up food and prescriptions from the shop or surgery maintain your social distancing
  8. Regular hand washing (or use of hand sanitizer) is also important whenever you are able
  9. If you are supporting an area in the village with increasing numbers of people to support, please contact us and we can organise to share your load.
  10. If you feel unwell, please let us know and follow NHS guidance on what to do.

Download guidance from this link


Picking up prescriptions from the surgery

The following advice has been discussed and agreed with the Tollerton GP Surgery

Patients, wherever possible, if they cannot get their own repeat prescriptions from the surgery can ask a family member or friend to pick them up. However, it has been agreed that our volunteers can help.


  1. The patient must provide a signed letter authorising the allocated person to pick up their prescription. You can pick this up from the patient.

Letter to include

Name of patient


I authorise yourname to pick up my prescription.

Signed by patient

  1. The surgery door has an intercom. Press the button and wait for response.
  2. Tell them you are there to pick up prescription on behalf of
  3. Ensure you have a photo ID with you to prove who you are.

 Download this guidance

Shopping on behalf of someone in isolation or picking up shopping

There can be no hard and fast rules about managing this process however some simple ideas are suggested below

Picking up shopping

This is probably the easiest especially if the individual has ordered and paid for their shop over the phone. The shop will put the order together and ensure that the receipt is included with the shopping. This is the approach that we will advise when we receive a call for help from an individual.

We suggest you liaise with the shop and agree a pickup time, so you do not have to spend longer than necessary in the enclosed space.

Leave the shopping at the door or the agreed drop off point. As with general guidance maintain safe social distance. If it is raining, consider how to keep shopping dry.

Remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer at each stage where contact with hard surfaces has been made.

Shopping on behalf of the individual

In most circumstances Ian or Mark will have agreed how payment is going to be completed from the beginning of the process. Sometimes however, you may be acting directly with an individual and will need to agree the payment process yourself. In either case, under no circumstances must you take a credit or debit card from the individual.

If the case arises where it is not possible to fulfil the shopping requirement from the village shop, then we will not telephone volunteers on an individual basis but will post an appeal for a volunteer on the NextDoor site. The reason for this approach is to ensure that no-one feels obliged to head off to a supermarket by being asked directly to volunteer. Additionally, if anyone is already planning a trip to a supermarket then this approach would reduce the number of journeys made, in line with the current guidance.

If you are also shopping for yourself then ensure you have separate receipt for the individual.

If possible, receive payment to your account electronically though we recognise many will not be able to do this.

If payment is to be by cash, then ensure you have sufficient change and remember to sanitise or wash your hands immediately after handling cash.

Please refuse any rounding up or keep the change offers by the individual.

Download guidance here