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Home working


With the changing environment around Coronavirus (Covid-19), many businesses are implementing work from home procedures. No one knows how long this will last but what’s certain is that we don’t want to look back on this as wasted time. Here’s some tips if you’ve to work from home during this isolation period. If you get the work done then you can enjoy the extra down time after.

  • Maintain routines as you used to do when going to work
  • Plan your day the night before – As best as possible write a quick to do list.
  • Get into a good habit from the start – Set your alarm and get out of bed at your usual time.
  • Get showered and dressed.
  • Assign yourself a home working space and schedule your hours.
  • Eat the Frog – It means do the thing you don’t want to do or the hardest task first. You don’t want to be sitting at your laptop at 7pm having to get something urgent done.
  • Work in chunks 50 mins on 10 mins off or whatever time works for you.
  • Schedule in a lunch break and stick to it.
  • Stay consistent with your food. Drink water.
  • Get some fresh air – Go for a walk either in the afternoon or at lunch.
  • Explain your needs to others living in and around your workspace– If you need to be left alone in quiet to work then let them know.
  • Talk to someone – it can be lonely working from home especially if you’re home alone.
  • Contact a colleague, friend or family member for a chat mid-day. By phone, and using other apps such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp
  • There are many benefits to working from home and you can definitely embrace them too -Take the time to catch up on housework between tasks, read a book, wear comfy clothes and go without makeup to name a few.
  • Allow yourself to have time with family and friends – do not be tempted to work evenings, weekends etc when, if you were at work you would not
  • Put an out of office message on your email box ;letting colleagues know when you are available
  • Keep away from the news and social media – too often depressing


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