Tollerton, North Yorkshire

Tollerton in North Yorkshire

Parish Council - future village developments survey.

Please read this information before completing the questionnaire.

It has been 4 years since we last surveyed Parishioners about their attitudes to new housing developments in the village. At that time the new Surgery and Pond View were the main areas of contention. Since then, we have seen 20 new houses in Pond View, 13 new houses on South Back Lane and the conversion of the old Surgery to 2 dwellings.

Currently there are a further 6 dwellings with planning permission.

Our previous survey showed an overall resistance to further developments - see below

2021 10 06 15 16 13

Hambleton are creating a new local plan which includes a review of potential development sites in Tollerton. There have also been several applications for other developments within the village. We feel it is important to survey those who live in the village once more about how they feel about each potential development site so we can represent your views as a Parish Council.

Hambleton Local Plan

The plan includes Tollerton with the sites marked on the map below being considered. They have been scored so that Red are less favourable to Green which are very favourable and likely to succeed.

2021 09 28 11 01 38

The land off Forge Lane marked in amber has already been developed but still appears in the plan. This supports the view that amber sites are going to be looked upon favourably for development if the listed considerations are addressed. It is important to note that several of the sites marked in red appear to state that they are possible sites if issues are addressed!

Link to the document reviewing these sites is here. Go to page 492!

I have created a summary page that shows some of the detail of each site - reach via this link.

You have the right to comment on any or all the sites being discussed via this link

Current Planning Applications

There are 3 current applications in progress in the planning system two are for the field marked Amber off Station Court and at the bottom of Kyle Close/Hambleton View (Marked A and B above). The other is for a development just off Newton Road in the field to the left as you enter the village opposite the entrance to the Playing Fields (Marked C on map). Details for each application are included below.

Details for the Newton Road development of 4 bungalows are here


Details for the Station Court developments are here

First part is for 12 affordable dwellings


Second part is for 5 bungalows


Apologies that there is so much information to review – sadly this makes it impossible to provide the survey on paper. We recognise this has the potential to disadvantage some of our community with no internet access/skills and so we will hold an open eveing in the village hall where the information will be provided and there will be the opportunity to complete the survey. The date for this is still to be planned.

Please note: We ask for your name and address to ensure we only have those who live in the village replying to the questionnaire. All information will be confidential and names and contact details destroyed following the publication of our findings.

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