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Alne Singers' Concerts December 2017

Once again, Alne Singers are performing during the run up to Christmas. This year there will be two concerts: 

- Thursday 7th December at 7.45 pm: An Evening of Songs and Carols with Alne Singers and the Shepherd Group Brass Quartet. Adults £5, children free. Refreshments, cake stall and raffle. Raising funds for Alne Preschool Playgroup. Tickets on the door or in advance from playgroup.

- Saturday 16th December at 2.00 pm: Alne Singers' Family Concert. Adults £5, children free. Festive refreshments, cake stall and raffle. Raising funds for the Village Hall, Church restoration, and the choir. Tickets on the door or in advance from Maggie Bond (maggiebond23@hotmail.com).

Please attend and get into the festive spirit!

Aldwark Area Parish Council - Casual vacancy for the Parish of Aldwark

Notice is hereby given that there is a vacancy of Councillor for Aldwark Parish Council. The Council has been authorised to fill the vacancy by co-option up to elections in May 2019.

Anyone interested should meet the following criteria:

· be 18 years old or over; and

· be an elector for the parish;

or, for the past twelve months:

· have resided in the parish or

· rented/tenanted land in the parish; or

· had his/her principal place of work in the parish; or

· have lived within three miles (direct) of the parish.

If you wish to be considered for this unpaid position please contact the clerk by 18th December 2017

Mr C Stroud, Clerk to Aldwark Area Parish Council, Appletrees, Youlton, York, YO61 1QL

Or email: aldwarkpc@gmail.com


Potential Development of further low cost homes in Tollerton

Representatives of Hambleton and Broadacres attended our recent Parish Council meeting and presented evidence that there is a need for 21 more low cost housing units in Tollerton. This was based on a telephone survey completed by a national company in 2015.
The Parish Council is seeking clarification about the survey as we were quoted that there are over 1000 houses within a 2 mile radius of Tollerton and that over 400 households had been randomly contacted. All members of the PC were extremely doubtful about the number of households quoted.

The site currently being considered is once again the land at the end of the village on Alne Road. See enclosed map. This has been subject to planning applications previously. It is outside the village boundary and the land was previously 'protected' rather like the village green. The current status is being investigated. This was pointed out to those attending and they were apparently unaware of the background to the site.

We have been informed that there are no drawings etc and that this is a very early stage in consultation. It was suggested that developments like the one in Newton on Ouse is a good example of what they try to achieve.

They plan to have an event in the village hall for people to come and hear about this proposal. We will confirm date when we know but believe it will be on 21st November.

The Parish Council feels it is important that everyone has the opportunity to consider and represent their views as previous experience suggests that these plans can develop very quickly and become a fait accomplis with little involvement of the village. We were assured that this would not be the case with this development. You can reply to this post but please also use the Messenger function so we can collect your opinions and use these to guide our approach.

We will keep you posted as we hear any further details. In the meantime would any families who feel they do have a need for further low cost housing please let the Parish Council know as we are here to help represent everyone in the village.

08 11 2017 08 33 47

Important meeting about this has been announced

13 11 2017 19 36 34

Tollerton Residents                 Results of survey

Important News about potential development sites in Tollerton
Your Parish Council has received this letter from Hambelton

'As you will be aware the Council has started work on preparing a new Local Plan for the District, which will set out the policies by which applications for new development will be considered. It will also identify developable land suitable for housing, employment, mixed use and recreation up to 2035.
As part of the first stage of the Local Plan preparation process, you will be aware that the council prepared an Issues and Options document which was consulted on between 11 January and 19 February 2016. The Issues and Options consultation sought views on the long term vision and objectives of the new plan and the strategic policies and spatial options that are required to form its basis.
Another first step in preparing the new Local Plan is to establish what land is available for development within the District over the plan timeframe. In summer 2015, the Council invited landowners and agents to submit details of available sites through our Call for Sites process. The Call for Sites closed on 19 February 2016. Over 400 sites have been submitted and these sites are currently being assessed. The submitted sites are available to view at this web link: https://maps.hambleton.gov.uk/…/Sit…/CallForSitesAssessment/
This will open up a map of the district. Click on the plus or minus sign in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out. Click on the site to bring up site details including site reference, UPRN, site address, preferred use and site size. You can click in the boxes within the legend on the right hand side of the map to identify more details about the site.
No decisions have yet been taken on the suitability of the sites. The preferred sites will be consulted on in October 2016. This will be part of a Preferred Options consultation document which will be informed by the responses to the Issues and Options consultation.
As part of the site assessment process, during May, the District Council held meetings with Parish councils and Town councils for the five market towns and settlements within the service villages. This formed the first stage of consultation with Town and Parish Councils and provided an opportunity for us to gather local knowledge about issues or constraints affecting sites in these areas.
We are now at stage two of the consultation, and we would like to meet with parish councils which cover settlements within the ‘secondary villages’ and ‘other settlements’ to discuss sites that have been put forward in these areas (see attached settlement hierarchy). We will be inviting parish councils to inform us about issues or constraints affecting sites in these areas. We are scheduling these meetings to take place in July. 
We will have hard copy maps available at the meeting identifying the locations of sites but planning officers will also be able to access information about the sites via an on-line mapping system which will be available in presentation format. You can familiarise yourself with the location of sites within settlements in your parish area in advance of the meeting by viewing the map which is available at the above web link. Please note that these meetings are part of the evidence gathering to inform the site selection process. No decisions will be made on which sites should proceed as Preferred Sites.'

As part of the letter we can see how many potential development sites there are for each village, they are as follows
Secondary villages Other settlements

Alne x 1                                Brandsby x 4
Crayke x 4                            Farlington x 1
Raskelf x 2                           Flawith x 2
Sutton on the Forest x 7      Myton-on-Swale x 1
Shipton x 17                         Newton-on-Ouse x 1
Tollerton x 11                       Oulston x 3
Plus Overton x 3                  Tholthorpe x 6
Whenby x 1

The potential development sites around Tollerton are shown online – but are reproduced here so those without access can see.

 potential development map

Any one of these developments would increase the size of Tollerton significantly and currently would be opposed by the Parish Council on the basis of our Parish Plan. We are aware that the consultation for the development of the Parish Plan occurred some time ago and so we are asking villagers for their opinion on these developments.

Results of Parish Council Survey




Aldwark Area Parish Council is considering installing a defibrillator in Aldwark in case of emergencies given our villages' proximity to an A&E hospital. 

We would be grateful of your thoughts and if you feel this would be a good thing to provide. We'd like to hear what you think; please let us know your views by contacting us at aldwarkareapc@gmail.com 


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