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Alne Singers Concert - 11th July

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Public transport for Aldwark and Flawith (and other local villages)

Many people will be aware that at the end of April, Bus Service 29 was cut back to a single return journey each Monday to Friday to York College during term time only.
There is now no service suitable for people working in York, for shoppers or for those needing to get to York Hospital.

Local residents in the villages of Brafferton, Helperby, Myton, Flawith, Tholthorpe and Aldwark organised a petition (in the form of individual household letters) which was presented to the County Council on 29 May and which called on the County Council to fulfil its Legal Duty of properly identifying the transport needs of the communities and then finding appropriate ways of meeting those needs.

Out of the 129 letters submitted, 14 came from households in Aldwark and Flawith representing 42 people. A response is still awaited from North Yorkshire County Council.

It is understood that at the same time as this petition was being organised, a second petition was produced and presented to the County from Aldwark village signed by approximately 15 people. It obviously makes sense for the organisers of the two petitions to work together on this issue. Therefore, if the organiser of the second petition would like to ring 0750 219 3880 and speak with Barry Connor, further steps can be discussed towards restoring the lost public transport for Aldwark and Flawith.

Planning application – anaerobic digester at Sowerton Farm, Sykes Lane

The application was refused permission at Planning Meeting on 26th February by NYCC. The applicant has now appealed against the decision.

If you want to support TAG please contact them or you can contact webmaster@tollerton.net if you need help with this.

Posted on behalf of the Tollerton Action Group


Ambitious Plans for the Playing Field


Decision in favour of new development to include doctors surgery


Decision notice

Please note: The Parish Council has enquired and been informed that the development will include 6 affordable housing units.