Aldwark Area Parish Council

Forthcoming meetings
Tuesday 16th January 2018
Tuesday 20th March 2018
Tuesday 8th May 2018 (preceded at 7pm by the Annual Parish Assembly)
Tuesday 17th July 2018
Tuesday 11th September 2018
Tuesday 13th November 2018
Tuesday 15th January 2019
Tuesday 19th March 2019
Parish councillors
Colin Stroud (Chair), Councillor for Youlton. Tel: 01347 838780
John Topliss, Councillor for Flawith. Tel: 01347 838770
Andy Follington, Councillor for Aldwark. Tel: 01347 830133
Gemma Boddy, Councillor for Aldwark. Tel: 01347 838134
Lynette Evans, Councillor for Aldwark. Tel: 01347 833432
Parish Clerk
Colin Stroud

To view Planning Applications we suggest you follow the link to Hambleton District Council Planning Applications


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