Aldwark Area Parish Council

Forthcoming meetings
Tuesday 7 December at 7pm, at Aldwark Manor by their kind permission - please note the hotel's COVID restrictions apply as follows:
* Face masks to be worn around the hotel unless sat down at a table for the consumption of food and beverages (which the meeting attendees won't be)
* Chairs to be spaced out in the event space
* If weather permits - windows to be open to allow fresh air in the room
* Please use the hand sanitizer stations allocated around the hotel
* Do not share the use of stationery
* All guests must register on the NHS government app
Parish councillors
John Topliss (Chair), Councillor for Flawith. Tel: 01347 838770
Andy Follington (Vice Chair), Councillor for Aldwark. Tel: 01347 830133
Lynette Evans, Councillor for Aldwark. Tel: 01347 838330
Richard Padgett, Councillor for Youlton. Tel: 01347 838808
Matt Cliff, Councillor for Aldwark. Tel: 01347 830000
Parish Clerk
Alison Pollock

To view Planning Applications we suggest you follow the link to Hambleton District Council Planning Applications


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