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Hambleton District Council Press Release


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Please Note Tholthorpe Waste/Recycling Centre is shut

Parish Newsletter

Because on the Coronavirus, we are not delivering paper copies of the Parish Newsletter to the residents of Tollerton: please read it here. More importantly, if you know someone who doesn’t use electronic forms of communication, and you are not self-isolating, please print a copy and put it through their letter box.

Paper copies of the Parish Newsletter are also available in the village shop.

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Road closure report

South Back Lane

The Closure will be in place for a period of 26 days between 13th April 2020 and 8th May 2020

The Road Closure and any associated Diversion Routes can be viewed using this URL link https://one.network/?tm=116746329 

Warehills Lane Newton Road Junction

02 03 2020 13 53 04


Representatives of the Parish Council have met with a North Yorkshire County Council Traffic Engineer to discuss the safety of the Warehills Lane/Newton Road Junction.

It as agreed that the junction had several problems and would benefit from a redesign however NYCC have limited funds for this type of work and have many more pressing junctions that require change.

It is important that we continue to monitor accidents and incidents at the junction and report when these happen.


Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs - speed control

The Parish Council has signed an agreement with NYCC about the purchase of 2 speed indicator signs for the village. NYCC will install 2 posts - one on the Alne Road end of the village and the other at the Newton Road end. (Sites shown below). 

The signs purchased will be rotated every 6 weeks and will include a data logger so we have information about the number of vehicles and the speed of traffic in the village.



Cherry trees at end of Main Street.

16 02 2020 10 25 01

The Parish Council has had these Cherry Trees trimmed by a tree surgeon recently as branches interfere with the telephone lines. We have been informed that several of the trees are dead or diseased and require removal. There are large branches overhanging the path and the road that are a danger.

We therefore plan to apply for permission to have the trees removed once the bird nesting season is completed. Once removed the Parish Council plans to replant the area with new trees.

Please contact the Parish Council if you have ideas for the area or wish to discuss these plans.