Tollerton, North Yorkshire

Tollerton in North Yorkshire

Community Emergency Plan


Why have such a plan, when there are emergency services available? Communities that prepare for emergencies cope better in emergency situations. Though the response of emergency services is important, they must give priority to the greatest needs, and they cannot do everything. Communities can lessen the impact of an emergency by deploying their own resources to assist and complement the work of emergency services. This plan is intended as a concise source of information and guidance for the Tollerton village community. In particular it informs the work of a Community Emergency Group. What sorts of emergencies may arise, and how can we prepare for them? In the event of an emergency, how can we best respond? What resources are available locally? What can we do to support the work of emergency services? What steps can we sensibly take in circumstances where emergency services are unobtainable, or unable to help? The plan also provides key information for NYC’s Resilience & Emergencies Team (RET), and for those deployed by them who may not be familiar with Tollerton.

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Vulnerable villagers

The most vulnerable people in the village have a particular need for prompt assistance in the event of an emergency. Local medical and care agencies such as the Tollerton Surgery are likely to be aware of vulnerable people. However, data-protection regulations restrict the free exchange of such personal information. Our solution is a voluntary scheme. Anyone living in the village can complete a form asking to be included on a list of the vulnerable. Forms are made available at the surgery and at the village shop. There’s also an online version available on the village website. Anyone may opt to withdraw from the scheme at any time. There are periodic checks with everyone registered that they still wish to be on the list. The list is maintained in confidence by the Community Emergency Group.

Register as vulnerable