Tollerton, North Yorkshire

Tollerton in North Yorkshire

Tollerton allotments are sited on Sykes Lane two fields beyond the Caravan Park



We have 14 Allotments situated on Sykes Lane just before Poppy Croft (Section A).


The second area (Section B) was redeveloped in 2017 and provides a further 7 plots. The Parish Council paid to have these ploughed and surrounded in rabbit fencing. We are delighted that AMCO generously agreed to provide the new parking area while they were working on the Station Road/Sykes Lane Railway Bridge. In recognition of this we have called this new allotment area the New Bridge Allotments.


The wild area below the new carpark is to be redeveloped as an orchard area with fruit trees that anyone from the village can pick. This is a boggy area and so the lowest part next to the pond will be left as a wildlife bog area. We hope that the area next to carpark will be dry enough for people to picnic if they wish.




Tollerton Allotment Society

Allotments are managed independently by Tollerton Allotment Society.  If you are interested in an Allotment you can contact the Secretary via email at